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Client Testimonials

"Kailyn's massage work felt like a dance that left me feeling rejuvenated for the rest of the day, which I did not expect after a massage. She felt fully present the entire session!" Lara P. September 2015

""I would definitely recommend a massage with Kailyn! She provides everything needed in a positive massage experience- comfortable space, compassionate and well-informed, provides recommendations, responsive to individual needs, and an overall relaxing experience." Rebecca M. August 2015 

"What a great experience! The therapy room is comfy and Kailyn is an expert in her field. I've had massages in several different countries and this is the best. Highly recommended!" Mark C. April 2015

"An absolute great experience! Kailyn is exceptional at her trade and kept me coming back for more!" Pam B. August 2014

"A few months ago, severe pains pierced my left hip and legs accompanied by nightly cramps in my left leg. After three treatments with Kailyn, my pain is now negotiable, and I've had only two cramps since my first treatment." Bill C. August 2014

"One visit with Kailyn...seriously felt better than I have in a very long time. Took a couple days to feel total effect. Looking forward to visit #2. Very relaxing." Kerry M. July 2014

"Great, friendly. Kailyn's massage technique is wonderful. Thank you." Jan. D July 2014

"I saw Kailyn who is now my new personal hero. That girl is a champ when it comes to knots and kinks!"  Michelle I. May 2013 

"I finally went for my massage, it was close to nirvana. I saw Kailyn who applied the perfect pressure and kneaded out all the kinks in my back. I have to say, this was the best massage I've ever had."  Valerie K. March 2013




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